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Optical Networks (COE 799): TENTATIVE SCHEDULE (Fall 2011)

Click here to download the syllabus for the advanced undergrduate/graduate Optical Networks (COE 799) course. On a different note, please find below a tentative schedule for the said course. Note that electronic versions of the lecture slides, assignments, and solutions are also made available for you to download.


Date Topic Assignments Solution Keys
Sept 29 Introduction (ppt)
Chapter 1
Oct 6 SONET/SDH (ppt)
Chapter 2
Oct 13 Self Healing Rings and GFP Homework 1
Due date: October 20, 2011
Oct 20 Introduction to ATM networks (ppt)
Chapter 3
Oct 27 ATM Networks (continued)   Homework1 Solution
Nov 3 ATM Adaptation Layer Project 1
Due date: Thursday December 22 2011
Nov 10 Topic Presentations    
Nov 17 MPLS architecture (ppt)
Chapter 6
As agreed upon in class, midterm exam date: November 24
  Exam Preparation Exercises
Nov 24 Midterm Exam    
Dec 1 MPLS architecture (continued) Grade Books  
Dec 8 Optical Fibers and Components (ppt)
Chapter 8
Dec 15 Wavelength routed optical networks (ppt)
Chapter 9
Dec 22 Wavelength routed optical networks (continued) Project 2
Due date: Thursday January 19 2012
Jan 12 Optical packet/burst switching (ppt)
Chapter 10
Jan 19 Topic Presentations   Exam Preparation Exercises